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Post by The REAL Woody on 3/8/2015, 20:11

Theres so many levels in N++ it's hard to keep track of what levels people have recently beaten or really good times etc, just thinking of having something similar to trials forums on here, get a nice WR? Post it on here. Oh and hi.

The REAL Woody

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New World Records Empty Re: New World Records

Post by raigan on 19/8/2015, 18:21

We realized that this would be a bit of an issue.. one thing is, we added the "Track" feature so that you could flag levels you wanted to compete on, and then quickly check them in the Browse tab. (I realize this isn't a perfect solution, but it's the best we could figure out).

Hold R2 and press.. I forget, Square maybe?.. to track a level Smile


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