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Suggestion: More stats Empty Suggestion: More stats

Post by SilPho on 22/8/2015, 13:46

I'd like to see some extra stats about my time with the game. I've got a few ideas, perhaps you guys have some more.

  • Most attempted episode
  • Most attempted level
  • Times died by each enemy / obstacle (I think would be funny if it said "best friends")
  • Gold collected out of all gold available
  • Average lifespan (Time between starting and dying, I'm guessing this will be about 2 seconds for most people)

Apologies if some of these are available in some funlocks, I haven't seen them if they are.


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Suggestion: More stats Empty Re: Suggestion: More stats

Post by raigan on 22/8/2015, 16:37

I think we show # gold collected, but not the total (IIRC 64k-ish)

We definitely want to have a killcount, this was something we had to cut to launch on time (this is why the right side of the Profile menu looks empty..)

Thanks for the ideas Smile


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